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Music Submission

ARE YOU READY!!!! You're about to take a HUGE step in presenting your music internationally on multiple streaming platforms, including iHeart radio. However, before you do so, there are few things to consider for acceptation. All music submit must:

  • Have a high quality sound (preferably professionally recorded)

  • Be a copyright. However, if accepted, your work is legally protected on the radio station

  • Have the songs description (Song's Name, Artist, Album, Year of Release)

  • Not have tags on the beat/ instrumental

  • Be clean (NO PROFANITY)

  • Be linked to a platform to download (Just case our listeners want more of your music)

  • Not required, but preferably have a work art/ cover art

  • Not required, recommend connecting your social media information 

Understand that not all songs are accepted.

Email your music now to

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