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Glo It All Trivia

  • Answer 10 trivia questions correctly in 60 seconds

  • Win $50 for each correct answer

  • Grand prize: $500

Mystery Guest

  • Guess the correct guest appearance for upcoming shows

  • Grand Prize: Variety

Merch Photo Contest

  • Who took the best photo with GloLive Merchandise. The best voted photo wins.

  • Grand Prize: $1,000

  • Dates: TBD

Where's Einstein?

  • Einstein broadcasts everywhere he travels. During the show he would give 3 clues of his location. Once all clues are revealed, you have 15 minutes to call with the correct location.

  • Grand Prize: Starts at $50 and increases every 15 minutes if no one guesses the right location

  • Up to two contests are conducted per show

  • Cash prizes are instant pay via Cashapp or Venmo

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