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Brooooo I thought I was Bad!!!

Soooo for a previous segment of GDGT (Guy Doing Girl Talk) one of our listeners requested for us to tell our most embarrassing stories. Me, being typical Cowboy Einstein, I told a story of me being caught having sex. Because she thought it was an intriguing, Maria decided to share her story.


It was a warm summer night and my boyfriend and I were feeling adventurous. We decided to sneak into a nearby park and find a secluded spot to have some fun. As we were getting hot and heavy, we didn't notice the rustling of leaves and footsteps approaching us. Suddenly, a flashlight shone in our faces and we were frozen in shock. It was the park ranger! In a panic, we quickly tried to cover ourselves and come up with some excuse for being in the park after hours. But the ranger wasn't buying it. He sternly told us to get dressed and follow him to his office. As we walked, I couldn't help but laugh nervously and my boyfriend's face was beet red with embarrassment. We sat in the ranger's office, waiting for him to scold us or give us a ticket, but instead, he started telling us a funny story about the time he caught another couple getting frisky in the park. He said they were so wrapped up in the moment that they didn't even realize he was there until he shone his flashlight on them. He couldn't help but chuckle as he recalled their embarrassed faces. Hearing his story made us feel a little less embarrassed and we couldn't help but laugh along with him. The ranger then let us off with a warning and told us to be more careful next time. As we walked out of the park, we couldn't stop laughing at the absurdity of the situation. From then on, whenever we passed by that park, we couldn't help but remember that funny night and the park ranger's hilarious story. It definitely made for a memorable and comical experience that we still laugh about to this day.


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