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Cowboy Einstein Rides Again: A Hilarious Adventure in Pranking

Who remembers when Cowboy Einstein spoke about one of his most recent pranks? In a GDGT (Guy Doing Girl Talk) segment, there was a request sent in for discussion by a listener, Kim from Columbus, OH. Kim asked "Have you ever been in a prank war? If not, what would you consider to be your best prank? Are you ready for a wild ride with Cowboy Einstein? It's been a while since he made an appearance, but now he's back and ready to tell us about his most recent prank.

Cowboy immediately sprung into action once the question was presented. He started by explaining how the prank came to life with an AI photo generating app. After browsing through various pictures, Cowboy stumbled upon an image of him as a kid, which sparked an idea.

After carefully choosing his victims, he put the plan into action. Cowboy texted a few friends, expressing to them that he was very upset about some recent news. Once realized that he had some of their attention, he released a couple of the AI kid photos.

"Not only do I have one but two sons that I had no idea existed!", Cowboy texted. Immediately his phone starts ringing with multiple concerned calls and text notifications.

"I performed the prank so well I started to believe it myself", he later explained.

After minutes of getting his loved ones worked up, he informed them that it was all made up and no one was hurt.


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